Passport Renewal: Do you want to Renew your Passport? Previously, it was very much difficult to apply and renew for Passport. But now, after the evolution of Internet, one can apply for Passport from his home or Office. Also, one can get Passport in a span of 10 days using Aadhar Card. Here, we will provide you complete procedure about how to apply for Passport Renewal.

Passport Renewal
Passport Renewal



Passport Renewal

As we all know, Passport is one of the most important document if you want to travel abroad. Passport is also used as an ID Proof for various purposes. But, Passport has a certain Validity. After this period, you need to do Passport Renewal.

Why do you need to apply for Passport Renewal?

Whenever you are traveling abroad, Passport is compulsory. You have to apply for Passport only if you have any plan to travel abroad. You can get your Passport when you provide all the required documents and details. Having Passport doesn’t assure that you can travel anywhere, but its needed document if you want to travel abroad. In India, the validity of Passport is 10 years, after that renewal is required. Passport is also used as a Proof of Identification, address, and age.

Difference Between Passport renewal And Re-issue of Passport

Passport Renewal: Passport renewal is required if the validity of your Passport is being ended and it can’t be useful anymore. In this case, when you renew its validity, it can be used again.

Re-issue of Passport: This is completely different. In this case, you will be provided a new passport.

Re-Issue of Passport is only required when your Passport is being Lost, Stolen or Damaged.


Documents required for Passport Renewal

Following documents will be required for Renewal of Passport:

– Original Old Passport.
– Also, you have to submit a photocopy of first two and last two pages, ECR/ Non-ECR Page, page of observation, provided by the Passport Issuing Authority and validity Extension page.
– A valid Proof of Documents for ECR/Non-ECR Category.

Passport Renewal Fees

After you have submitted your Application fee online, you have to pay the Passport fees.

For Renewal of the Passport, fees is Rs 1500 for 38 pages and Rs 2000 for 60 pages.

How to apply for Passport Renewal?

In order to apply for Passport, you have to simply follow the procedure given below:

1. Register at Official Passport Web Portal

– Visit the Official Passport Web Portal.
– If you are a registered user, then click on Existing User? Login. Otherwise, click on “New User? Register Now”.
– After that, you have to select the nearest passport office available in your area.
– Now, you have to provide primary details such as Name, Date of Birth, etc.
– Then you have to Setup your UserID and Password. Then Set a hint question and then click on register.
– After which, you will receive an Activation link in your E-mail.
– Now, click on that link and your Account will be verified.

2. Fill the Application Form Online

-First of all, visit the official Passport Portal and login into your Account.
– After login, you have to click on apply for Re-issue of Passport.
– Now, you have two options:
1. Download PDF and apply Offline
2. Fill the Application Online
– After this, select the Application is Normal or Tatkal.
– Now, you have to fill all of your details.
– On the next page, you have to enter all of your family details.
– Here, you have to provide two local references. For this, you have to provide their names, phone number, and the address. During Police Verification, these two people will have to remain present at Station. If you are applying online, you have to submit all the details.
– However, if you are applying using PDF, make sure that when you enter your city or village, please validate it and then click ok.
– Now, you need to upload the form on the same page from which you have downloaded. Here, details will be automatically filled in the online form. Please verify and make necessary changes because after this you can only make changes at the passport office.

3. Schedule Appointment at PSK and make Payment

– Nextly, you have to make payment and then Schedule an Appointment at the Passport Office.
– After this, you have to select the PSK where you want to verify all of your Passport related documents.
– Lastly, click on Pay and make your Payment.
– Now, please make payment and then print the receipt as it will be useful at the PSK.

4. Visit the Passport Seva Kendra

– Here you can visit the Passport Seva Kendra 20 Mins before your slot. At PSK, all the slots are usually on time.
– Here you will be called GroupWise.
– When your number will be called, you have to enter the room and start the Verification Process.
– After successful verification, your validity will be changed in the Passbook. The passport will be delivered to your registered address within few days.

Hence, by following this procedure, you can easily renew your Passport.


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